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The European Business School, Ireland is registered as a private higher education in the Republic of Ireland. The European Business School, Ireland has teamed up with UK registered professional bodies to offer British qualifications for international managers. It offers the best professional development programmes with residential studies in Dublin, London, Cambridge and Oxford.

The undergraduate studies are fast track bachelor degrees in Business administration, Information Technology and Business Management with full credit transfers from graduate diplomas and are offered as short-term residential programmes in Ireland. The top-up bachelor degree is accredited and validated by UNESCO-IAU listed university.

The fast track masters and doctorate degrees in Business Administration with full credit transfers from postgraduate diplomas and master’s degrees are offered as residential programmes in the United Kingdom. The top-up masters and doctorate degrees are accredited and validated by UNESCO-IAU listed university.

The residential professional development programmes focus on integration of business disciplines through issue-oriented learning. Successful management of business requires not only a thorough theoretical and practical understanding of business, but also the economic and cultural differences. Excellent international communication, negotiation, leadership and team building skills are required as well.

Networking with business chambers at London, Cambridge & Oxford and internationally will also be organised.

Benefits and Investment to Participants

The fast track programme encourages innovative thinking, strategic planning, critical thinking and analyses, as well as other important factors ranging from leadership to entrepreneurship. The schedule encourages discussion and networking among participants and academics. Networking will play a vital role.

Those planning to attend are encouraged to make their own travel and accommodation arrangements, including visits to clients or prospective clients in Britain and Europe, before or after the programme.

The European Business School, Ireland is also registered with the European Parliament Transparency Register. The European Parliament Transparency Register has been set up and is operated by the European Parliament and the European Commission. The Council of the European Union supports this initiative for lifelong learning.